Decorative Storage

Living in a LittleHouse, the little amount of space there is can become cluttered very fast. I have been living in a studio apartment for a year and a half now, so I like to think of myself as an expert at finding hidden storage spaces and making storage look like a creative statement. You have to get creative when trying to fit your whole life in one tiny room.


With a little house, comes a little bathroom. Storage space is limited to the cupboard below the sink in my bathroom. To find space for all my make-up, hair products, and jewelry, I had to take advantage of the wall space. My jewelry acts as a decoration now that it is on display. It’s also convenient for when I’m rushing out the door (which is quite possibly every day). For this space saving storage, I simply removed the metal end of a gardening rake and mounted it on the wall. Once the rake is on the wall, all that’s left to do is hanging jewelry from the spikes. This is an easy way to create storage without using up valuable space. Its also a great reminder of the jewelry I have; its easy to wear the same jewelry day after day when don’t know what all you have. I have definitely worn a wider variety of my jewelry now that I can see everything.


Another space saver is a footstool. I have two footstools that are great at eliminating clutter. One of the footstools was $15 at Target a few years ago and the other is homemade, courtesy of my crafty mom. She fashioned it out of an old milk crate, four glass doorknobs, and a cushion for the top. I use the footstool from Target to store DVD’s, power cords, chargers, and remotes. The footstool my mom made keeps my winter hats, gloves, and socks organized. Without this extra storage space, these items would likely start accumulating in a corner.


Footstools are great space savers in my apartment because they would be taking up space regardless of the adding bonus of storing my clutter. It’s a win-win.


I have found the best way to stay organized and still have room for decorations throughout my apartment is to invest in a few cute organizers. This helps free up space without sacrificing your own personal style. My favorite investment is a wooden pig paper holder. I found it at Target (see a theme here?) for around $10. This paper holder prevents my kitchen counter from disappearing under stacks and stacks of papers. Stamps, envelopes, bills to be paid, post-it notes, and important addresses can all be kept in this cute wooden pig. Now I can easily find what I need and it doesn’t have food stains on it.


These quick and simple tricks to storage have maximized the space in my studio apartment. I hope they help you maximize your space while maintaining your style.


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