Holiday Wreath DIY

Add some Holiday crafts to your to-do list this Holiday Season! It is a great way to get into the Holiday spirit and spend an afternoon with family or friends. Follow along with me to make your very own Christmas wreath.

I first started by buying all the supplies I needed. This will vary for everyone as we all have different style preferences. Local dime stores are a great place to start searching for your supplies. All my supplies were bought all in one place. Take a peak at what I purchased:


IMGP3642one sprig of pine – $2.49

three sprigs of glittery white pine – $0.79 each

wire wreath form – $1.49

three pipe cleaners – $0.09 each

one cardinal – $0.79

*Paddle wire and another sprig of pine were used. These were items I already had.

To begin, lay all your supplies out so you can see everything you have to work with. Depending on the size of the wire wreath form you chose you might need to cut your pine branches into smaller pieces to fit the form. Time to begin! To start, secure the paddle wire on the wreath form where you wish to begin. Then select a few pieces of pine and place it in the form. Next, wrap the paddle wire around the form a few times to keep the pine in place.

This is where it gets repetitive; place a few more pieces in the form and secure those. You will want to work your way around the form hiding the ends of the pieces you placed down previously. Make sure to alternate between the pine pieces to give it a more authentic look. Once you get to the last pieces, you will want to make sure all the ends are hidden. You can also go around the wreath and adjust the pine to fill in any holes. Take a step back and admire your work.


At this point you can be finished or you can decide to add a few decorations. For some ideas, here is what I added for a more festive look. I used the pipe cleaners to make what I have coined peppermint bites.

I cut the striped pipe cleaners in half and then used each half to roll into peppermint bites. I placed five of these bites on my wreath and again, secured them with paddle wire. I left a space for my finishing touch, a little cardinal. You now have your finished wreath! All you need is the perfect spot to put your homemade wreath on display for family and friends to see during this Holiday Season.


I would love to see your version of a Holiday wreath! Share a picture on Instagram and use #littlehousechristmas so we can all admire each other’s work.


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