Winter Snowflakes DIY

Here is a cute and easy DIY for Winter Snowflakes.  I especially love these snowflakes because when it’s that dreaded time of year when all the Christmas decorations get put away, I can leave these out.  Not only are they festive, but they can remain on display throughout all the Winter months!

For starters, you will need six wooden clothes pins (per snowflake) and some wood glue.  Begin by taking the clothes pins apart; you will only need the wooden pieces.  The wooden pieces will be glued together opposite of how they were as a clothes pins.  You may want to lay out some aluminum foil or parchment paper to avoid getting any wood glue on your table tops.  Give the newly glued pieces some time to dry.

Next comes the assembling of the snowflakes.  Each snowflake will require six of the clothes pins you’ve recreated.  Place the rounded edges in the middle a pinwheel shape.  Once again you will want to use wood glue and let them dry for a little while.

Once your snowflakes are all dry you can decorate them as you wish.  The possibilities are endless!  You can paint them and hang them on your tree or create a string full of them to hang on the wall or above a doorway.  Here’s how I finished off my Winter Snowflakes:

  • Brush on Mod Podge and cover with glitter
  • Hot glue buttons to the center of each snowflake
  • Attach the snowflakes to burlap strip
  • Fold over edges and glue them down to hide raw, frayed edges
    • Insert a straight twig before gluing down one edge…will be used for hanging purposes.
  • Tie a piece of twine to each end of twig

Voila!  Now you just need to find a place to hang your new Winter decoration.IMGP3732



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