Until I Grow Gills

I have always been the type of person whom showers in the morning. As much as I would like to think it’s because I’m a morning person, this is false (I’m more of an early afternoon person). My morning showers probably became a habit when I was little. Showers at night were never an option when I was little. My brother and I would play outside all day long and there was no way my mom would let us inside with our dirty feet. We weren’t allowed past the driveway. We were only allowed inside once we used the garden hose to clean up a bit. After that, there wasn’t much point in showering. And so, the habit was born; start the day with a shower and end it with a blast of cold water from the garden hose.


Whether this is the real reason I only shower in the morning or not, I haven’t been successful at breaking this habit. I assume I will forever be a morning showerer. The trouble with morning showers is I sleep like a hibernating bear: I snore, I take up a lot of space, and it takes a lot of convincing to get me outta bed. Therefore, morning showers are the vain of my existence. So this is how I deal with the daily struggle of Sleep vs. Shower: I don’t shower everyday. GASP! Yes, you read that correct; I don’t shower everyday. Pass judgment, it really doesn’t hurt my feelings while I’m still cozy in my bed.   Some days sleep just wins over showering and I don’t fight it anymore. Since some people in my life (MOST) make fun of me and make stinky jokes, this is my justification for not always showering:


  1. My hair feels healthier when I don’t shower daily. There is less heat damage because I don’t have to dry it everyday. I do have to get more creative with my hairstyles, but my braids have gotten almost Disney level good.IMGP3787
  2. My skin doesn’t dry out and get itchy. I understand moisturizing everyday would solve this, but the most efficient, time saving solution is simply not showering (especially in the Winter months when the cold air is harsher on my skin).
  3. Messy buns. That one doesn’t even need explaining. *Sorry boys, put a hat on
  4. Hitting my snooze button an infinite amount of times is the ultimate perk of not showering daily. When else am I supposed to catch up on sleep lost from binge watching Friends?
  5. Nobody likes getting out of the shower. That instant rush of cold air the second my shower ends is why my showers are pushing 10 minutes; I’m putting off the moment I get full body chills. If anyone has a solution to this, other than turning the heat up, please let me know.
  6. If I haven’t convinced you yet that showering daily is completely unnecessary, here are some scientific reasons:



The only downfalls of not showering daily are I miss out on my precious sing-a-long and bust-a-move time. I take my shower singing very seriously; I have a Spotify playlist dedicated to it. Losing this precious singing and dancing time was unacceptable so I make up for it while I’m cooking. Fuzzy socks on wood floors can take your dancing to the next level. Just make sure you close your window blinds/shades.


Now that I have convinced you not to shower daily, please don’t take this to the extreme. I’m not saying showers are not needed, I’m saying you can maybe skip a day or two each week. When you become a professional shower skipper like me, it’s a piece of cake to shower every other day.


Until I grow gills and fins, I will enjoy skipping showers.




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