Gift Tag Trees

If you are anything like me, you have great expectations for the presentation of your Wrapped Christmas Gifts.  Unfortunately for me, I usually run out of time and end up buying sticker gift tags from a dollar store.  This year is no different.  However, I found a cute idea after all my Christmas wrapping was done. I am sharing this idea for those of you out there who haven’t wrapped presents yet  or want to save the idea for next year.

To start these adorable paint sample gift tags, you will need to go to a hardware store and collect paint samples.  Other items I used include: permanent markers, hole punch, glue, & twine.

Depending on the size of the paint sample, you can end up with a few different sized trees.  Draw lines on the back of the paint sample so you can plan out the size and shape of each tree.  To create a variety of trees  use different sized triangles or layer them up to make larger trees.  Once all the trees are cut out you can decorate them with polka-dots, Christmas lights, or garland.  Don’t forget to add To: and From:

I also used twine for a few of the gift tag trees so they can easily be added to a gift bag.  The left over trees were used to decorate already wrapped presents!





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