Hanging Decoration

Time to get a little bit crafty and a lot bit resourceful.  Follow along to create your own hanging wall decoration on a budget!

For starters, go out and find yourself a perfectly imperfect stick.  The more abnormal the stick, the more interesting the decoration.


The second step to creating your very own hanging wall decoration is to select the yarn you wish to use.  I chose a natural color to match my apartment.  Feel free to select multiple colors that compliment each other.

For each hanging tassel, you will need ten strands of yarn approximately 36” long.  Don’t be afraid to change up the length to fit your space.

To attach your tassels to the stick, you will be using a lark’s head knot.  Make sure to secure the middle of the bundle of yarn so the length of the strands remains even.  Follow the pictures below to create a lark’s head knot.


After you’ve mastered the lark’s head knot, continue attaching bundles of yarn to your stick until it is your desired width.  At this time you can cut a design into the ends of the yarn if you wish.  I chose to cut my yarn into a triangle.  You could also cut the ends of your yarn into an inverted triangle, diagonal, or keep it straight.

Only two steps left!  Well, three, but the last one is easy.

Cut two lengths of yarn to hang your masterpiece with.  Tie each strand to both sides of your stick and tie the loose ends together to later hang on a hook.  Now cut two more lengths of yarn slightly shorter to hang an embellishment.  Choose an embellishment that fits your style: unique rock, bangle you no longer wear, decorative beads.


The last step to this hanging wall decoration is to find the right place to hang it and nail it to the wall!  (Maybe hang it from a 3M hook if you live in a rental or are prone to redecorating.)

Stand back and admire your new masterpiece!



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