Littlehouse Decor

It might be my Spring Fever flaring up, but giving thrift store finds a fresh, new life has been at the forefront of my mind lately.  A fresh coat of paint can give any item a new life.  A dated candlestick or forgotten picture frame will flip the creative switch in my brain and I go into total DIY mode.  Luckily for me, this seems to be contagious.  Between my thrift store finds and my mom’s painting, I could fully furnish a little house…..if only I had an apartment.

Recently, I gave myself the challenge of going to a few second-hand stores on a budget of $20.  I am surprised to say that I did not go over my budget.  Here is what I came home with:







There wasn’t much fixing, painting, updating needed for these pieces.  I painted the candlestick white so it would fit in well with other decor items that I have.  The rest of these items just needed a little elbow grease to get the sticky price tags off.

My only concerns with having Spring Fever/DIY Fever is that I’m afraid I will have too much furniture and decor when I find an apartment of my own.

Disclaimer: I understand a Ceramic Popcorn Tub is NOT decor, I just really love popcorn and couldn’t pass it up!



Terrarium Building

I’ve been inspired! This funky fish container has just been screaming for attention. Well I finally found the perfect project: a terrarium, or as I like to call it, a Fishrarium.

After creating my Fishrarium, I compiled a list of steps and tips to help you along the way for creating your own terrarium. Follow along or jump around; whatever works best for your creation.

Step 1: Find a unique container for your plants. Not everyone has a chunky glass fish sitting around so feel free to use a decorative bowl or large vase.

            Helpful Tip: Use a container that you can fit your hand in. Learned that tip the hard way.



Step 2: Buy the correct amount of plants to fit in your container. Find a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This will give you more options for when you start planting them.

            Helpful Tip: I found the largest variety of succulents and cacti at Lowe’s.


Step 3: Gather the rest of the supplies needed to build a terrarium. Here are some suggestions:

  • Soil
  • Pebbles
  • Decorative rocks
  • Small garden decorations



Step 4: Fill that terrarium up!! I started with a layer of rocks at the bottom because I liked the look of it. They are also useful for water drainage and filling space in large containers. My next layer was soil. Here comes the fun part. Arrange the plants how you think looks best. Make sure to space them out a little bit. Breathing room will allow them to soak up maximum sunlight to survive. Lastly, I placed some pebbles along the top layer of soil to add a little spunk.


Step5: Find a spot to put that sucker! (Pun intended)



A little extra knowledge to keep succulents and cacti living:

  • These plants need a half-day to a full day of sunlight.
  • Let the soil dry out a little before watering. This allows the roots to grow deeper.
  • If your plants appear to be bleached out or their color turns yellow, the plant is getting too much light.

Hanging Decoration

Time to get a little bit crafty and a lot bit resourceful.  Follow along to create your own hanging wall decoration on a budget!

For starters, go out and find yourself a perfectly imperfect stick.  The more abnormal the stick, the more interesting the decoration.


The second step to creating your very own hanging wall decoration is to select the yarn you wish to use.  I chose a natural color to match my apartment.  Feel free to select multiple colors that compliment each other.

For each hanging tassel, you will need ten strands of yarn approximately 36” long.  Don’t be afraid to change up the length to fit your space.

To attach your tassels to the stick, you will be using a lark’s head knot.  Make sure to secure the middle of the bundle of yarn so the length of the strands remains even.  Follow the pictures below to create a lark’s head knot.


After you’ve mastered the lark’s head knot, continue attaching bundles of yarn to your stick until it is your desired width.  At this time you can cut a design into the ends of the yarn if you wish.  I chose to cut my yarn into a triangle.  You could also cut the ends of your yarn into an inverted triangle, diagonal, or keep it straight.

Only two steps left!  Well, three, but the last one is easy.

Cut two lengths of yarn to hang your masterpiece with.  Tie each strand to both sides of your stick and tie the loose ends together to later hang on a hook.  Now cut two more lengths of yarn slightly shorter to hang an embellishment.  Choose an embellishment that fits your style: unique rock, bangle you no longer wear, decorative beads.


The last step to this hanging wall decoration is to find the right place to hang it and nail it to the wall!  (Maybe hang it from a 3M hook if you live in a rental or are prone to redecorating.)

Stand back and admire your new masterpiece!


Better Together

Just around the corner is that romantic and thoughtful holiday that most people dread (not everyone will admit this).  Valentine’s Day can be tricky.  How much to spend? What to do? Where to go?

The fear of spending more than your significant other or not embracing the spirit of Valentine’s Day as they do can petrify some lovebirds.  Here’s my advice to you: talk to your Darlin’ and figure out how much Valentine’s Day means to them.

Whether your Valentine’s Day consists of wearing fancy clothes and dining at a 5-star restaurant or ordering your favorite take-out and playing monopoly, you should tell your lovebird what they mean to you.  A homemade card is appropriate for all occasions.

Play to your significant others tastes; find a corny joke or decorate the card with elegant doodles.  Here are a few ideas to get you started!

You’ve Captured My Heart


I Love You More Than…


Better Together



Gift Tag Trees

If you are anything like me, you have great expectations for the presentation of your Wrapped Christmas Gifts.  Unfortunately for me, I usually run out of time and end up buying sticker gift tags from a dollar store.  This year is no different.  However, I found a cute idea after all my Christmas wrapping was done. I am sharing this idea for those of you out there who haven’t wrapped presents yet  or want to save the idea for next year.

To start these adorable paint sample gift tags, you will need to go to a hardware store and collect paint samples.  Other items I used include: permanent markers, hole punch, glue, & twine.

Depending on the size of the paint sample, you can end up with a few different sized trees.  Draw lines on the back of the paint sample so you can plan out the size and shape of each tree.  To create a variety of trees  use different sized triangles or layer them up to make larger trees.  Once all the trees are cut out you can decorate them with polka-dots, Christmas lights, or garland.  Don’t forget to add To: and From:

I also used twine for a few of the gift tag trees so they can easily be added to a gift bag.  The left over trees were used to decorate already wrapped presents!




Winter Snowflakes DIY

Here is a cute and easy DIY for Winter Snowflakes.  I especially love these snowflakes because when it’s that dreaded time of year when all the Christmas decorations get put away, I can leave these out.  Not only are they festive, but they can remain on display throughout all the Winter months!

For starters, you will need six wooden clothes pins (per snowflake) and some wood glue.  Begin by taking the clothes pins apart; you will only need the wooden pieces.  The wooden pieces will be glued together opposite of how they were as a clothes pins.  You may want to lay out some aluminum foil or parchment paper to avoid getting any wood glue on your table tops.  Give the newly glued pieces some time to dry.

Next comes the assembling of the snowflakes.  Each snowflake will require six of the clothes pins you’ve recreated.  Place the rounded edges in the middle a pinwheel shape.  Once again you will want to use wood glue and let them dry for a little while.

Once your snowflakes are all dry you can decorate them as you wish.  The possibilities are endless!  You can paint them and hang them on your tree or create a string full of them to hang on the wall or above a doorway.  Here’s how I finished off my Winter Snowflakes:

  • Brush on Mod Podge and cover with glitter
  • Hot glue buttons to the center of each snowflake
  • Attach the snowflakes to burlap strip
  • Fold over edges and glue them down to hide raw, frayed edges
    • Insert a straight twig before gluing down one edge…will be used for hanging purposes.
  • Tie a piece of twine to each end of twig

Voila!  Now you just need to find a place to hang your new Winter decoration.IMGP3732


Holiday Wreath DIY

Add some Holiday crafts to your to-do list this Holiday Season! It is a great way to get into the Holiday spirit and spend an afternoon with family or friends. Follow along with me to make your very own Christmas wreath.

I first started by buying all the supplies I needed. This will vary for everyone as we all have different style preferences. Local dime stores are a great place to start searching for your supplies. All my supplies were bought all in one place. Take a peak at what I purchased:


IMGP3642one sprig of pine – $2.49

three sprigs of glittery white pine – $0.79 each

wire wreath form – $1.49

three pipe cleaners – $0.09 each

one cardinal – $0.79

*Paddle wire and another sprig of pine were used. These were items I already had.

To begin, lay all your supplies out so you can see everything you have to work with. Depending on the size of the wire wreath form you chose you might need to cut your pine branches into smaller pieces to fit the form. Time to begin! To start, secure the paddle wire on the wreath form where you wish to begin. Then select a few pieces of pine and place it in the form. Next, wrap the paddle wire around the form a few times to keep the pine in place.

This is where it gets repetitive; place a few more pieces in the form and secure those. You will want to work your way around the form hiding the ends of the pieces you placed down previously. Make sure to alternate between the pine pieces to give it a more authentic look. Once you get to the last pieces, you will want to make sure all the ends are hidden. You can also go around the wreath and adjust the pine to fill in any holes. Take a step back and admire your work.


At this point you can be finished or you can decide to add a few decorations. For some ideas, here is what I added for a more festive look. I used the pipe cleaners to make what I have coined peppermint bites.

I cut the striped pipe cleaners in half and then used each half to roll into peppermint bites. I placed five of these bites on my wreath and again, secured them with paddle wire. I left a space for my finishing touch, a little cardinal. You now have your finished wreath! All you need is the perfect spot to put your homemade wreath on display for family and friends to see during this Holiday Season.


I would love to see your version of a Holiday wreath! Share a picture on Instagram and use #littlehousechristmas so we can all admire each other’s work.